In English

Anette Carlsson

I have worked with finance for 25 years.From administrator to company accounts. From wheat to bread.

I have the black belt in MS Office. I am especially sharp in Word and Excel. I have a very good computer experience.

I am self-going person who likes to help with the best possible service in a prestigious way and has a genuine customer interest

I am perceived as service minded, creative, fearless, Straightforward, Driven, Generous, Social and Easy going.

I am intellectually curious who are looking for new ideas.

I have received many comments that I'm a fixer.

I am very social and very outgoing person.

I am innovative and very inventive. and who is happy to seek alternative solutions.

I often focus on the goal as well as on how to achieve it.

I Have good ability to prioritize, time and effort.

I have an easy way of communicating with others, and works well independently but also in groups

I have a great sense of responsibility pleased with tasks.

Pleased with tasks that require creative thinking, outside existing frameworks. I often look outside the frame.

I am a very happy and positive person, and I have a positive attitude to the work.

I Almost never loses the position and always finishes the work. Even though I don't always think they're so amusing.

I often develop inventive solutions and often come up with very creative ideas.

I am very energetic at work and enjoy being challenged of demanding tasks.

I enjoy having a lot to do and provide everything in my workplace.

I will probably learn my work quickly, and perform above average in all types of work.I will probably be an asset to the organization.

I enjoy best in a varied work. Fun as boring.

I used to be very impulsive. But now I think through before I do something, do an impact assessment. What happends if I do si or so.

I'm not the one who makes me to the leader of a group. But if no one other wants to assume the task, I might stick out a toe or so.

Most often I avoids conflicts to protect good relationships. I am a person trying to evaluate, if conflict is necessary.

I`m enjoy best when criticism can be given openly and constructively.

I never get any direct stress symptoms it is important to prioritize the right in stressful situations. Or stay put at work and clear out your task before going home.

I write and speak English fluently. I lived in the USA for 3 years.

If you want to know more about me. you will find my resume and personal letter on Linkedin I'm called Coordinator anette carlsson.

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